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Dealing with Negative Spirit - Page 1
Author:Linda M Francis
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Copyright © quinte

Becoming more spiritually aware means that we learn about the power of love, and how, it not only protects us, but also changes us into authentically empowered people. This love shows us that there is no need to fear, nor to hate, nor to be negative about anything that is placed upon our path. For whatever we do encounter upon our travels through this lifetime can be dealt with in two ways. One way is the reactive way, which is instigated by our own ego. The other way is the active way of Love, which in turn is inspired by our souls.

If we, just for a minute, stand still and examine what this ego entails – we find the value of fear. Fear, mind you, is an extremely broad term. It is such, because whatever notion of negativity we express is based upon one fear factor or another. Anger is the result of fear. Insecurity is the result of fear. Hatred is the result of fear. There are many more ways in which Fear shows itself.
Ego in turn is our protector, the safekeeper of our physical. Many regard the ego as something that should be done away with – whilst all the time it is quite impossible to eradicate ego. One however can transform a negative ego into a positive one.
When we react, we invariable involve our ego – It is when we react to what we deem can harm us, what upsets us, or provokes us in any manner, that we in turn react with the negative aspect of our ego. Our reaction to positive events comes forth from the positive aspect of our ego. Those wanting to become more spiritually aware quickly realise that reaction is the culprit to many upheavals. For spiritually aware people have learnt to act upon their own inner abundance, which is governed by their Soul. This soul aspect judges not, argues not, yet accepts – in the true language of Universal Love.

Having now spoken of the negative aspect of ego, and the positive attributes of Soul – we can arrive a little closer to the question at hand. How do we deal with negative spirit?

Negative energy is of lower energetic vibration. It is actually not correct to state that negative energy is weaker than positive energy – for anger in itself can come across as extremely strong. The difference however is in the vibration.
The negative is of slower vibration (denser) and the positive of higher vibration( less dense). It is not possible for lower energy vibrations to overpower that of higher energy vibration. Being higher in vibration – that which is positive, very easily can overcome that which is negative (and of lower vibration). And thus, (not being able to touch the higher energy vibrational levels), negative energy needs to consort with it’s own kind – or that of even lower vibration than itself.

If you are subjected to spirits with lesser intent – then it merely indicates that within you is an area of lower vibrational energy. (Which is probably what is meant when one speaks about malicious spirits that take advantage of those with a weak aura). Please do not be alarmed by this – for from time to time each one of us will experience a spot or area in our energy fields (aura) that is of lower vibration. This does not necessarily indicate that the entire aura is of low vibration. Our aura’s (and thus energy levels) fluctuate from moment to moment. Areas can become of lesser vibration due to many things. If one constantly entertains negative thoughts one very easily can establish such energy – much as it can be brought about by fear (of any kind), incorrect diet, illness or even certain types of medication.

And thus – an earthbound spirit (one with a lower energy vibration) would seek out those people with an equivalent vibration in order to have some fun. Please also bear in mind that the belief of the possibility of such occurring already is enough to lower one’s energy vibration. It is an open invitation!

The most powerful tool we humans have command and total control over is our thought. The mind is about the strongest antidote we have to rectify these lower energy areas that exist within our energy fields. By thinking positive one already raises one’s vibrations. We can use our own minds (our ways of thinking) as soul medication to heal our energy levels. Our positive thoughts will gradually balance out our energy, and gradually allow it to progress into higher and higher vibration. During this process the physical likewise will gradually heal of dis-ease – as will the hold negative ego has on one, become less and less.

And thus is the importance of becoming spiritually (soul) aware – for once one has made acquaintance with this special type of Universal Love – one has gained that authentic power that fears no fear. One has come to realise that only that which one entertains will come to one.

So yes – the bare fact is that we do energetically attract that to us (knowingly or unknowingly) by automatic invitation, in accordance to our own energy levels.

As far as spirit goes – there are (as with us humans) also various energy vibrations in which they reside. Those spirit closer to earth (and thus referred to as earth bound spirit) are of denser (slower) vibration. Spirit that has evolved to higher realms (such as the spirit plane, and higher dimensions) obviously are of higher vibration. It is for this very reason that a medium will attempt to raise their own energy levels (vibrations) first before attempting to make any contact with spirit.
Being of lower energy vibration – these spirits love to play tricks and games in manner of teasing. There ofcourse are also those spirit that have far lesser intent in mind. They are usually the cunning ones – for they will present themselves as good, comforting and nice. Once they know they have your attention, they have no qualms to show their true nature.

Please, do not fear these types of spirit – for it is this very fear which lowers your energy, and thus makes it possible for them to connect to you.

If you seek immediate resolve against these types of spirit, and cannot build up sufficient mind power at such short notice – then perhaps you may wish to visualise yourself surrounded by white light. This white light helps to raise your energy levels, and in doing so, you will be protected. Every day, just quietly say to yourself that you are protected, (KNOW that you are protected), and are not open nor available to receive any earth bound spirit.
Should one slip through a little crack caused by doubt (or something similar) – then just calmly announce that it must leave you alone – for in the Universe your wish and command stands!

If and when a spirit visits you, please also check by asking them if they are from the light. Invariably they will state that they are. But you only need to ask them ONCE again – and the truth must be told. Some may refrain from answering the second time around – which is indicative enough of their lesser intent. If they are not from the light then again merely send them packing, in a calm and poised manner – or (if you wish) advise them to go to the light.
Never fight or antagonise such a spirit, for in reacting so you merely succeed in lowering your own vibrations and thus enabling a far easier access for this spirit. Attempt instead to send love to this spirit, for this act will raise your vibrations, to which the lesser spirit has no access.

I wish you well on your journeys!

Copyright © Linda M Francis

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