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Contacting Loved Ones - Without A Medium - Page 1
Author:Jacky Newcomb
Discuss in Forums

Making contact with a loved one ‘after’ they have died - is something that many people want to do. To touch them, see them, smell them or even just to sense them – ‘One last time.’
Spirit contact will NOT bring your loved one back, and you need time to come to terms with your grief before this will help you at all.

A good psychic medium (one with the ability to contact the dead), can be a comfort – but it can also be a frustrating experience. Sometimes the contact can be clear and you KNOW that you have reached the person of choice, but other times the communication is NOT so clear and you may not feel as if the meeting was any comfort at all.

Spirit contact can be addictive too. To be able to reach out and touch the spirit of the deceased is not a replacement for their loss however. Remember they ARE ok. The spiritual realm (heaven,) is a beautiful and wonderful place. People with near death experiences usually want to stay dead!
Our loved ones do try and reach out to us in many ways – but they are generally subtle experiences. They don’t want to scare us! Spirit contact can include the bringing of a scent (flowers, tobacco, and many unusual ones like cocoanut and chocolate); a touch (on the arm or shoulder); a feeling; and even in dreams and visions.

It is possible to reach out to your loved ones yourself following a simple procedure. This is how I do it:

Touching loved ones in spirit

  • First find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Or if you feel more comfortable, sit with a friend and do this exercise together.
  • Play some meditative music – something gentle and relaxing will help to raise the vibration of the room.
  • I always burn pure frankincense or rose aromatherapy oil (2-3 drops in water).
  • Say a prayer and light a candle (a candle symbolises bringing in the light).
  • Hold a photograph or a personal belonging of the person you wish to communicate with.
  • Imagine their face, their personality – hold that image and send love. Imagine the love filling your whole being…feel it filling every corner of your body, inside and outside.
  • Project this love towards the image of your loved one. If you cannot create and image, look at the photograph or just KNOW that the love will reach them.
  • Close your eyes and hold this image for a few minutes – or as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Just wait and see what happens – take whatever comes to you. If you have a question then you can ask it now (in your head if you wish).
  • When you are ready, say another pray and thank any visitors for coming along.
  • Blow out the candle to symbolise the closing of the spirit communication.

How do you feel? Write down what happened. Did you feel something? Did you sense something? Many people receive visitations from their loved ones in dreams following this experience.

Do not be disappointed if nothing happens. Sometimes our loved ones are not able to contact us right now and you may feel the presence of another spirit. If they can come they will.

You may feel that your loved one is unable to receive you because they are doing other activities – accept their privacy and KNOW they are ok. Contact will be made if and when it is possible. This is no reflection on their love for you.

You can try this again if and when you feel the need.

About the Author

This article is copyright by Jacky Newcomb.
Jacky Newcomb is researching After Life Communication for a book. (For information on her first book ”The Ultimate Book of Angels”, or if you are interested in submitting stories of your own you can contact Jacky via her website.

Author’s website: angellady.co.uk

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