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Default How Do You Get Rid Of Evil Spirit

I have an evil spirit with me and it is trying to destory my life.
I am haunted. I have lost my job due to this evil spirirt when
ever people get around me the cal me mean nasty names
then they tell me they dont no what came over them. I took a
trip on greyhond and for 12 hours I was every name in the
book. The spirirt that is attached to me is a homeasexuall
spirit peopl are always calling me a dyke a fag drag-queen
or they say that I am a demon and your not a women.
It started a year and a half ago
I went from being sexy and popular to a complete out cast.
Every where I go people are rude to me and call me names
and they are strangers. Every time I try to have a relationship
my dates starts calling out dead people names that I new but
never told them about. Needless to say they become afraid of
me. I just dont no what to do. This thing even speaks. I need help
how do I to get rid of it or make peace with it so that I can have
my life back.If any one has any info on a spirituall healer who could help me please
give me the info.
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Old 16-05-11, 02:15 PM   #2
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Welcome to Path-ways !!!
You obviously dearly hate this evil spirit, huh? DONíT !!
One tends to fight with the things or people one dislikes or hates. This fighting, be it in thought, via intent, with verbalisation, etc,.... whatever way, will only strengthen the bond of the evil spirit.
Do you fear this evil spirit? DONíT !!
Because fear makes a person weak. It is via this weakness in one;s aura that evil beings seep through.

My methods of tending to evil spirits is quite different in the way that usual psychics deal with the matter. I will tell you why in just a little while.

Therefore I would ask you to please bear with me, and envision what I am trying to say to you. Mull it over, and if it strikes a chord within you, then by all means do with it as you wish.
Firstly, we must ask ourselves how spirit manifests itself? They come to us via mental vibrations. Aha ! it is that easy. We have full command over our own mental capacities and manifestations. This is something we really can work with. I am speaking of the mental plane we reside in, and which is apparent in our aura. This mental plane manifests itself directly in accordance to our own thoughts. This means that we can manipulate this mental plane just by thinking differently. Good stuff, huh?

We can either think negatively, which is what evil spirits want us to do, because they vibrate with negativity too. Or we can think more positively, which is in total contradiction to how evil spirits operate. Thus, if we create a positive aura around us, it will ward off evil spirits.
This is how you do it:

Think positive thoughts, and when in doubt, just smile or laugh. Laughter really fells an evil spirit, did you know that? Go on, create these positive vibrations around you. Dress yourself in light colours, vibrant colours even, iif possible. Avoid wearing drab clothing. You will find that you feel so much more uplifted if you are wearing light and clean colours.

If and when you sense the evil spirit around you, immediately tell yourself (this is just so that you donít speak out loud in public, less people start to think that you have lost the plot, lol) ďYou cannot be with me because I donít want you with me. You will leave now !Ē. Just say this very calmly, and in a strong but positive manner. But most importantly, you must believe that you are strong, and that what you say is what goes. No one can come near you unless you allow them or it to approach you. Then you must believe it to be so as well !!! You make the rules, and spirit must obey those rules. It is as simple as that !

Just very calmly believe and say that evil spirit is not welcome. Now, other psychics may offer you advise on how to cleanse your space, and what spells to use, etc, etc. But at the end of the day, those are merely physical objects to assist you in believing that you are getting rid of evil spirit. If you need some of those methods in order to make it more real or easier for you, then go for it. I just offered you the core of the method, and how to tackle it head on and from the source.

Whatever you do, DO NOT engage yourself in a conversation with this spirit that is harassing you.

If you fight with an evil spirit, you only succeed in that evil spirit engaging in a counter attack. Now it becomes a full blown war ! I am sure you would not want this. Instead, throw all your positive energy its way, love it even, if you can pull it off. Or just laugh out loud :-) Evil spirit cringes when we laugh, and they vanish very quickly too.

I wish you much luck., and keep us posted on how it goes !

In Peace,
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That was really good advice, some things I just do not want to deal with and a evil spirit is at the top of that list. It really makes me closer to a higher power, to believe in Angels and when things happen to be positive. Eight years ago I lost my job that I worked at for 16 years, and for seven years every job I worked at was more horrable than the last and most of them did not last a year. I meet a lady that would communicate with Angels and people that had passed away. I asked her if she could help me with my job situation. She gave me a call one day to come over to her house the Angels had tould her she needed to get a message to me. I came over she did not want to do this but she was tould through the Angels to do it. We sat on her porch outside and it was a nice day. She asked me some questions and tould me were I should go looking for my job. I tould her that was not were I thought I would like to work, I explained my reasons and she tould me the Angels were saying I was ready and the people their are real nice,I asked how do I find a job in this area and I was tould to look in the phone book and on-line and start calling. Then she was telling me the Angels were all around me, I did not see nothing but it was hot, like hot flash hot and it was a nice day. A month later I went for the inter-view and filled out a application.
A month later I started working part-time, next month it was full-time, it has been a year at one job and in june a year at the other it's with the same company mon-Fri and Sat & Sun off. I still run into things that could easily make a bad situation even worse but everything works it self out. I make enough to pay the bills and the people I work with are a amazing blessing. I felt like the 7 years was like I just hung in their, I needed to pay bills and I would just go from one job to the next. My family would ask how work was going and they knew I was just hanging in their. It got so I did not like to talk about work, just knowing the bills where being paid was enough. While I was going through it I keep asking people what and why I was going through this finally I asked a lady who pointed me in the right direction.
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This is good advice that quinte has given, I myself have been threw a few wars. A positive attitude towards these sort of things works wonders, I have found. Just wish that I had known how a positive light hearted approach was so affective in the first place, no need for any war then.
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Default Thanks Quinte

Thanks for responding to my post. I sit here now in the grace of God and Goddess having found some strenght to think clearly again and remember that I am a child of God first and far most. I was so lost and confussed I had no idea what was happening in my life I forgot to say in my fisrt post that spirit was sent to me through an Orisha Ritual the gave me a necklace to open me up to I guess evil forces.My question is do I use the same method to banish this evil it appears to be more then one. I dont set out to fight with this thing how ever I am under attack I am not sure how it happen but I think its it war with me. I must have pissed it off but my God I am always under attack I dont want war with this thing. I just want peace and Love, to be able to have a relationship again. I have been working with my energy for the past few weeks parying more taking spiritual baths. I found some info on this site about lifting my spiritaul vibrations higher so that lower level spirits wont dwell in my energy field. I want raise my energy so high that this thing repels from me. I was so lost at one time I forgot to pray it made me question my faith in God cause why would God allow something like this to happen to me and my family. Today I can say that I again understand the power of prayer the most high has lifted my soul from among the dead. I am so greatful for you and my ancestor for allowing you to be here with words of wisdom for your family members that are a broad who are in spiritual war fare with these wicked forces. I pray on this day for healing for my soul and my life and my family that may have been hurt during the time of my suffering
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